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At 15 grams of protein per serving, Hemp is a well-balanced vegetarian protein source that includes all the essential amino acids for easy digestion in the body. Overall, Navitas Organics Hemp Powder is 50% protein by weight. It is cold-pressed from the whole seed, making it a fantastic source of fiber, minerals (including 65% of your daily magnesium) and iron.

Substitute Navitas Organics Hemp Powder for flour in recipes or use to boost your smoothies and protein bars. Hemp’s mild, nutty flavor does not compete with other flavors, which makes it an excellent go-to for adding nutrition anywhere.


Boost Your Immunity

Feel a cold coming on? Heat up the kettle, stock up on oranges, ask someone dear to bring over soup. While these comforting solutions can help overcome sickness, we at Navitas wholeheartedly believe in building up immunity before illness takes hold. Our superfoods—which are rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids—will help you do just that.


Often associated with dark purple foods like blueberries, antioxidants are responsible for combating unstable molecules called free radicals. Forming in our bodies through chronic inflammation, food and environmental toxins, free radicals cause damage to cells and tissues. Antioxidants are naturally anti-inflammatory; in fighting free radicals, they simultaneously support daily health and help ward off chronic disease down the line. A number of Navitas Organics superfoods, including Maqui and Acai Powder, contain the highest levels of antioxidants in any known food!


Aiding in the formation of cells and tissues, minerals are a type of micronutrient that is essential to our overall health. Among its myriad benefits, the mineral zinc is an active immunity enhancer, helping to regulate cell production in our immune system and fight inflammation. 

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids—‘essential’ because they cannot be produced by our bodies and thus must be acquired from our food—are yet another key component of a strong immune system. These fatty acids underpin proper immune response, brain and nervous system functioning, and create resilient skin and tissues. Hemp and Chia are outstanding sources of plant-based essential fatty acids and can be easily incorporated into your diet in their single-ingredient forms, as well as in Navitas’ Power Snacks and Superfood+ Bars.


Power Up for Peak Performance

Wonder which foods build muscle, boost stamina and help your body recover after exertion? Superfoods, for one, thanks to their uniquely potent nutritional profiles. Superfoods are abundant in five key nutrients that are critical for a strong, active body: protein, sugar, adaptogens, antioxidants and minerals.


As the building blocks of life, protein grows, repairs and maintains our muscle fibers—which is particularly important after we’ve stretched and exerted them during a workout. Plant-based protein is a critical component of many Navitas Organics superfoods.

Resiliency Builders (aka “adaptogens”)

Adaptogens get their name from their ability to assess your body and bring balance in the ways you need it most. They support a healthy adrenal system, regulating your hormonal responses to stress. Maca, a superfood from the Peruvian Andes, is revered for its strong adaptogenic qualities and a key ingredient in many of our products.

Sugar (yes, really)

Naturally occurring sugars offer quick, easy-to-digest energy, perfect for a pre-workout boost. Unlike cane and other refined sugars, they come from real whole foods—including fruits, maple syrup and honey—and retain valuable trace vitamins and minerals. All of Navitas Organics’ superfruits, including Mulberries, Goji Berries and Goldenberries, in addition to our Power Snacks and Superfood+ Bars, contain energizing natural sugars.

Antioxidants & Minerals

Post-workout, foods with antioxidants and minerals, like Maqui, Acai and Cacao are key in helping your body repair and rebuild. Antioxidants support cellular and tissue health and prevent chronic disease by combating unstable molecules called free radicals. In addition, they reduce inflammation and fatigue and repair tissue damage after a workout.

Minerals aid in the formation of cells and tissues, particularly red blood cells, nerve tissues, muscles, bones and teeth. They also help maintain muscle agility and relaxation. Electrolytes, which are great to drink after a workout, are a type of mineral that specifically supports hydration and muscle function.

By fueling strong with superfoods, you give your body the support it needs to perform at its best for you.


Fuel the Foundation of Longevity

Small, yet powerful steps each day support your healthiest self for a lifetime of wellness and longevity. Potent nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, laughter and love—it all comes together to give your body and mind what they need to stay healthy and feel young.

One of the biggest current threats to longevity is free-radical production in our bodies. These unstable molecules, which develop through exposure to food, environmental toxins and internal inflammation, cause damage to cells and tissues. This damage can significantly speed up the aging process and result in chronic illnesses, including heart disease and cancer.

Good news: they have competition.


Antioxidants are the super fighters; they support our bodies by combating free radicals and maintaining long-term health through their anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich properties. It’s important to eat foods with a range of antioxidants, as they offer varied benefits. Mulberries, for example, contain resveratrol, the revered antioxidant in red wine. Resveratrol prevents oxidative stress, promotes heart health and supports normal cell reproduction. Vitamin C, found in Camu, is another well-known antioxidant that is commonly sought out for its immune-boosting functions, but is also key in repairing body tissue.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, abundant in our Chia and Hemp Seeds and Powders, are also imperative. Dubbed “essential” because we can only get them from food, you may have encountered fatty acids by their more specific categorizations, omega-3s and omega-6s. They play key roles in the functioning of our central nervous systems, inflammatory and immune responses, youthfulness of our skin and tissues, and agility of our brain functions. Fun fact: Did you know that our brains are 60% fat? Just one reason we need to fuel with essential fats.

Ultimately, longevity resides in the health of your whole self—body, mind and connection to the world beyond you. Our antioxidant and essential fatty acid-rich superfoods support your physiological longevity and give you the vitality and energy you need to generate the rest.

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