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Our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder is extremely high in a highly digestible form of protein that helps to build and repair muscle. It is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids necessary to maintain good health. Our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder is vegan, and gluten-free, making it a nutritious way for practically anybody to incorporate healthy amounts of protein in their diet.The Protein and Nutritive Power of Sacha Inchi Powder

Our Organic Sacha Inchi (pronounced sah-cha inch-ee) Powder is a natural way to incorporate essential protein into one's diet. Sacha inchi powder is easily digestible, making it a great protein option for those sensitive to dairy and whey protein products. The protein in our Organic Sacha Inchi Protein Powder is a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids that are necessary to maintain good health. 

Protein is vital to building and repairing muscle tissue. When you exercise or exert yourself, muscle tissue can be torn or damaged and needs to be healed. The body utilizes protein to do this, and our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder is a great aid for muscle recovery.

Our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which improve joint and cardiovascular health and contribute to mental function. It contains more of the essential fatty acids than fish oil. Incorporating our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder into your diet provides rich amounts of Vitamin C for an immune system boost, and calcium, which supports healthy eyes, teeth, skin, and bones.

About Our Sacha Inchi Powder

Sacha inchi means “The People’s Seeds” in the Quechua language, and the star-shaped pods from the vine of the sacha inchi tree yield nuts that are also known as Incan Peanuts. Indigenous tribes dating back to the Incas have used sacha inchi to maintain good general health and well-being.

Our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder hails from the Amazon regions of Peru, where it is responsibly harvested. Support for this new superfood has made it possible for the Amazon regions to experience positive land use and sustainable cultivating practices for vital food crops.

Our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder does not contain GMOs and is minimally processed to retain the nutrient-dense benefits that are gaining quick popularity in the West. You can enjoy our Organic Gelatinized Sacha Inchi Powder in smoothies, cereals, desserts, and baked goods.

Storage Instructions

If cared for properly, our Organic Raw Sacha Inchi Protein Powder has a shelf life of two to three years. To preserve the freshness of this product:

  • Avoid exposure to heat. The powder will remain fresh if stored at room temperature or below.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Squeeze all of the air out of the bag before sealing.
  • Seal the bag tightly after each use.
  • Store the powder in a dry place, and avoid all contact with moisture.


We package all of our superfood powders in all-natural brown kraft bags, each with a resealable zipper across the top. Each bag has a thin metal lining, which serves as a very effective barrier to light, oxygen, odors, flavors, moisture, and bacteria.

While printed plastic bags with clear windows may look beautiful, studies have shown that the toxins contained in the plastic are absorbed by food that is in direct contact with the plastic. Foods that are raw and all-natural, like superfood powders, are even more susceptible to this type of contamination than processed foods.

Botanical Name

Plukenetia Volubilis

Other Names

Inca Peanut, Inca Inchi, Almond of the Inca

Country of Origin


Possible Benefits

While much research is still being conducted, some of the possible health benefits of our Organic Raw Sacha Inchi Protein Powder may include:

  • Extremely high in protein (62% protein)
  • contains all 9 essential amino acids
  • Protein is in a highly absorbable form
  • Contains dietary fiber
  • Contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains antioxidants
  • May be effective in promoting  tissue regeneration and muscle development
  • Used by traditional healers as a mood enhancer
  • May help to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • May be effective in protecting cells from damage
  • May be beneficial for increasing energy and endurance
  • May help to support a healthy immune system
  • May be effective in maintaining proper cholesterol levels
  • May be helpful for controlling blood sugar level
  • Studies have shown that it contains compounds that may help to reduce bodily inflammation
  • May be helpful in alleviating arthritis
  • May help to regulate hormone balance
  • Traditional healers have often use to relieve PMS symptoms
  • May help to promote a healthy complexion
  • May be effective in regulating the absorption of sugar in the blood
  • May help to combat chronic tiredness
  • May be useful in enhancing cognitive functioning
  • May help to improve bone density and joint health

Suggested Usage

The recommended daily usage is 1-2 teaspoons. 

As with all superfood powders, listen to your body, as you may find that either a smaller or higher intake is more suitable to your body. We recommend that you start with the recommended daily amount, and, if desired, gradually increase or decrease your daily consumption.

This powder blends well with juice, rice or soy milk, and yogurt, or can be added to your favorite smoothie. It can also be mixed into your homemade energy bars. While you can add this powder to a variety of recipes, raw food enthusiasts avoid cooking or heating in order to preserve the food's nutritional value.


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