"Whether you are searching for the best protein powder to supplement a healthy lifestyle, fitness goals, body building or to accommodate a specific diet or allergy I hope that Protein Picker can help make the process easier."  - Rebecca, Protein Picker

Bodybuilding + Fitness

Athletes expend more energy than the average person and their bodies need additional nutrients to recover from intense training at the gym.  Plant based protein is a healthy + effective alternative to whey supplements.  And yes, some of them taste amazing.


Due to a more limited diet, many vegans, vegetarians + people with food allergies add some type of protein to supplement their diet.  Plant-based whole food nutritional shakes are one way to do this and can accommodate all kinds of diets.

Nutrition + Wellness

Maintaining a balanced diet + healthy lifestyle is not easy.  Whether you want help with weight management, cutting sugar + junk food cravings, healthy energy or to support digestion + regularity, we can help you find a shake to support your goals.


We get it.  Life is busy.  If you have picky kids, are pregnant or are breastfeeding + hope to add an extra punch of dense nutrition to your daily diet, protein shakes can be a safe, fast + healthy solution for a quick meal or a healthy doctor-approved snack.