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Who We Are

With 450+ plant based protein powders, Protein Picker has the single biggest list of vegan shakes online.  You've found the best place to research, compare + find the top protein supplements of 2018.  

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What Makes Protein Picker So Different?

Hiya!  Rebecca here.  Protein Picker is not just another opinion blog.  

I have gone to great lengths to create a place with all of the information you need to research + compare plant based protein powders.  And with over 450 powders, we have the most complete list to my knowledge!  I have compiled nutrition information about each + every shake and our 'Pick Your Protein' function allows you to search across 30+ criterion to find the best one for your lifestyle.  Clean ingredients?  Soy-free?  Added superfoods or probiotics? We've got you covered.  

I have contacted and continue to reach out to manufacturers directly to ask about safety for special conditions like pregnancy, allergen information listed on product labels as well as factory manufacturing practices.  Our Blog, Recipes + Reviews sections aggregate great food, content, news + opinions from experts, manufacturers + bloggers across the internet making it easier for you to see what people are saying about different protein supplements you may be interested in trying. 

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, have a food allergy or are just looking for an alternative to whey supplements, Protein Picker has pulled information and opinions from across the web to make the research process faster and easier for you. 


*Although manufacturers may change their practices + ingredients without notifying us, we did our best to provide accurate information for those with special diet restrictions.   Please let us know if you see any errors so we can fix them and always read labels carefully before purchasing if you have a serious condition.

Our Story

Hi there--Rebecca again!  I couldn't be more excited to tell you more about me and how this whole site came about.

I was a nursing mom with a busy toddler (read: tired, starving, busy...) + desperate for a healthy meal alternative on those days where I just wanted a quick lunch nap.  As a former division 1 athlete and health conscious mama I was willing to do the legwork.

I set out to research + compare vegan protein shakes.  

I found that much of the information about protein supplements online was incomplete with reviews that lacked transparency. 15 pages deep in Google reading blog comments I decided, 'Seriously, there must be a better way.'  How is it possible there isn’t a one-stop website to research and compare side-by-side plant based protein powders?  And from this process Protein Picker was born.  Many hours, months, emails + phone calls later I am excited to launch! 

Thanks to those who have contributed so much to get this site up and running and here's to hoping your search for the best protein powder is faster and easier than mine.  

To health + fitness!





Don’t See Your Product?

Don't see your product?  Oh no!  Interested in promoting your plant based protein supplements on Protein Picker? 

We have several marketing opportunities + are happy to discuss partnering with you.  We also love feedback as we are still trying to tweak Protein Picker to fit the needs of those in search of whey protein powder alternatives.  Contact us for more information or to leave us suggestions.  We welcome them!