Pea Protein Vanilla Ka'Chava




Eating Healthy is Hard.  So we did the work for you.

All your essential nutrients in one 250 cal plant-based superfood shake delivered to your doorstop.  With over 70 superfood & nutrients including roots, seeds, grasses, fruits, herbs & veggies.


#1 Best Rated in The Ultimate Supplement Guide by PETA 



Mix 2 heaping scoops of Ka'Chava with 12-14 fluid ounces of cold water, blend well and enjoy! 




For Health and Wellness

Breakfast  - Kickstart your day with the nutrient boost your body needs to perform at your best. Ka'Chava will carry you through until lunch. Just blend with water and be out the door in minutes, ready to take on the day!


On-The-Go Meal - Too busy with work, meetings or travel?  Stop skipping important meals or compromising by eating whatever's quick and convenient. Just mix up Ka'Chava in the time it takes to order a coffee - and get back to what you were doing! 


Improve Poor Diet - Struggling to maintain a healthy diet? Add Ka'Chava to your daily routine if you are eating poorly or have digestive issues. Give your body a boost of superfoods and vital nutrients instead of filling up on unhealthy processed meals with empty calories.


For Athletic Performance

Pre Workout - Getting ready to hit the gym? Suiting up for a run? Drink Ka'Chava 45-60 minutes beforehand and you'll be fueled with all the sustained energy and nutritional goodness your body needs to maximize your performance and get the most from your workout.


Post Workout - Just finished an intense training session? Drink Ka'Chava as a recovery meal within 30 minutes after your workout to deliver the protein, carbs, and nutrients your body needs to repair and build lean muscle. After weight training, our muscles need a ratio of 4:1 carbs to protein for optimal recovery.   Since Ka'Chava has a 1:1 ratio you'll want to add additional carbs which luckily are easy to find - just add a banana or other fruit to your shake and you're good to go! 
Protein Boost - Trying to build muscle by adding more protein to your diet? Drink Ka'Chava in place of a protein shake anytime to feed your muscles a 24g blast of protein. Unlike other shakes out there, our 100% plant-based protein blend boasts a complete profile of amino acids, is easily assimilated and hypoallergenic, which helps you avoid the gas and bloating often caused by typical whey protein shakes. 

For Weight Management

Meal Replacement - Trying to get lean? Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Drink Ka'Chava as a replacement for 1-2 meals a day. When hunger strikes, curb your cravings by mixing up a quick shake. With only 200-220 calories you'll be filling up on a nutrient dense, calorie light meal that will keep you feeling full for hours. 
Mid-Day / Late-Night Snack - Looking for a healthy option to add between meals? We know that eating smaller more frequent meals is a good way to increase metabolism, burn fat and sustain your energy. But preparing 3 well-balanced meals a day is already a challenge, let alone 5 or 6! Drinking Ka'Chava between meals makes it easier to achieve this goal and reduces the amount you'll eat during the following meal.  
Whether you're a weekend warrior, serious athlete, health purist, or simply looking to manage your weight, drinking Ka'Chava daily is the best way to achieve the results you want while improving your overall health!

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